My First Fox Photo – Photo of the Week

My First Fox Photo

I have always been fascinated by how covert foxes can be, I once came across one in Manor Street in Waterford at 2am one night on the way home from a night out (no camera of course), but had not seen one up close since then. Having picked up a loan of 200mm Canon L Lens only the day before I was more than surprised to come across a fox in my path. I had barely enough time to reach for the camera and take a quick shot of this lovely young fox before it scampered into the bushes. Although the quality of the shot is not as sharp as I would want, at full zoom on the 200mm without a tripod, it’s not too bad.

This weeks photo of the week – is my first Fox photo.

Fox on the Avenue, my first Fox photo - but its not Megan Fox !

I would (if I had my time again on this shot) have perhaps upped the ISO and increased the shutter speed to try eliminate the hand shake which caused some of the shots to be quite blurry, perhaps even using the kit bag as a makeshift tripod if I was to go on all fours … but you live and learn.

The most important thing to bring with you on any photo shoot is experience … don’t leave home without it!!