Photos from Toronto, Canada

I have being working through some photos from Canada and I’m still on the Toronto area as I work through over 1,000 photos which I took while there. Toronto is a very nice city with lots to do in and around the city.

I have put together some photos from the area which I like and over the next few weeks will add more to the blog from Canada.

CN Tower Toronto dominates the Toronto Skyline
The CN Tower dominates the city skyline and you can usually see it from where ever you are, a very useful reference point for getting around the city. The above photo was taken near the halls of justice where a fountain made a nice backdrop.

CN Tower visible for miles around in Toronto - Toronto CN Tower photo from Toronto Island.

The above photo was taken from Toronto Island which is a short ferry ride from the Harbour and a great place for a day out, with beaches, mini farm, amusement park, restaurants and great walks…. and a nudist beach!

Cows in Toronto sitting sculptures - Cow Sculptures in Toronto

As you walk Toronto’s streets you will come across some great sculptures and this one is the best. Cows resting in the business district is one. The Cow Sculptures in the CBD are quite cool. I actually thought they might be bulls … bringing the bullish term into the CBD.

Butterfly on Toronto Island

Back on Toronto Island I was able to get very close to this butterfly and I deliberately added some DOF with a small aperture to help blur the background and enhance the subject.

I will add some more photos in the coming weeks also I have some project 52 items to upload soon when I have a moment!

Photo Locations: Toronto

cows, toronto

Toronto, Island