iPhoneography Vs DSLR Photography

The iPhone over the past few years has revolutionised the ability to shoot, edit and share your photographs by just using one device. Personally I prefer using a DSLR but with the iPhone you get to experiment with panoramic styles, filters, but for me its how accessible it is. The argument of portability over quality will always be debated in the discussion of iPhoneography Vs DSLR Photography. 

By no means will the current smartphone cameras ever match the aperture / shutterspeed / quality of a good DLSR. However  it does mean you can use the iPhone for recce / test shots or indeed for shots where you are not overly worried about the end quality… thus an in-focus, well-lit photo would be perfect for your needs.

On a recent trip to Hong Kong I found that I was taking the same amount of photos on the DSLR as the iPhone. I found that the DSLR was being used for shots in low light or where I needed a zoom lens and the iPhone was being used in situations where I couldn’t get the DSLR out of the bag and setup quickly enough.

The photo below was taken through the glass (luckily no reflections) of our limousine service from the airport, cruising at about 90mph – yet on the iPhone it is very sharp. You could argue in this iPhoneography Vs DSLR Photography discussion that a DSLR lens might have been harder to use in a restricted taxi than my small iPhone.

Hong Kong iPhone Photo

The photo below was using the very useful panorama mode on the iPhone and was taken from a swaying Star Ferry as we headed for Tsim tsa tsui terminal.

Hong Kong iPhone Photo

The iPhone later came to my rescue as my 7D suffered some memory card slot damage and was out of action for (a traumatic) 2 days of the Hong Kong trip.

I did run a blog post a while back where I took One iPhone photo per day for one week on the iPhone and it’s interesting to see the results. I will run again this very soon as the post mentioned was on the iPhone 3 camera and I currently have the iPhone 5S.

Photo Locations:

Hong Kong, Central Ferry Pier

Central Ferry Pier




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