Marché Bonsecours Montreal Sunset – 33/Project52

Of all the photos of Montreal I think this turned out the best. It is a photo of Marché Bonsecours Montreal at Sunset.

Near sunset I could see that the sky would be quite interesting. I also had an ND9 and a ND Grad filter in my camera bag and decided to use these to accentuate the sky. The mini-tripod was used – just about 1 foot in height from the ground, giving a different aspect on the view. I used a cable release with mirror lock up turned off to minimse any vibration / potential for blur. The result is shown below.

Montreal Sunset
I might actually do some further work on the Marché Bonsecours building / foreground as it is a tad dark due to the filters being used. What you see here is pretty much from the camera with a few adjustments – If I do update this shot of Montreal I will add it below to show a before and after shot.

Photo Location :

Marché Bonsecours, Montreal, Canada

Marché Bonsecours, Montreal, Canada