New Zealand, Lake Taupo Bird

On my way from Wellington to Lake Taupo on New Zealands North Island we stopped off at a viewing point at the start of Lake Taupo, about 45 minutes from the main town. There I took some nice shots of the lake, a storm coming from the East and the black swans which were swimming close to the shore.

The main star of the shoot was this small bird, obviously very tame, which at every opportunity was jumping into shot.

Small Bird at Lake Taupo, New Zealand

I like this shot as the detail on the bird is quite sharp and the depth of field / aperture priority is a nice contrast.

I have a few more photos from this shoot which are nice and I might add them to the gallery in the next few weeks. I have included the final shot in the series below with the island in the background.

Lake Taupo Bird 2