iPhone Photography – 7 Day iPhone Photo Challenge

iPhone Photo Challenge

I recently upgraded to the iPhone 4S from the iPhone 3GS. The most obvious improvement for me, as somebody who has an interest in photography, was the improved camera and screen. The iPhone 4S camera has 8 megapixels which is 60% more pixels than the camera on iPhone 4 and I’m sure more than the 3GS.

Apple claim that it is “the best camera ever on a mobile phone” and that it “might be the only camera you’ll ever need”.

The photo below is one which I took on the new iPhone 4S, in the rain, on a cloudy day about 30 mins before sunset. iPhone 4S photo - iPhone Photo Challenge

The new iPhone 4S has a larger f/2.4 aperture , therefore it lets in more light, and therefore your photos look brighter and better. As well as this, there is an  advanced hybrid infrared filter to keep out harmful IR light, for more accurate and uniform colors.

Therefore with these iPhone claims in mind I am going to do a similar project to the 365 project some people engage in. I am going to take 7 photos, one per day, only using the iPhone and what ever photography apps are on the iPhone. No post processing on Mac or PC will be done and all post-processing must take please on the iPhone.

I will post the 7 photos after the 7 days – so check back soon for the results.