Place d’Armes Maisonneuve Monument,Montreal

This shot is an evening shot of The Maisonneuve Monument in Old Montreal which, built in 1895 at Place d’Armes Montreal in memory of Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve, founder of Montreal.

The Maisonneuve Monument is in a busy square and with many people about I opted for a long exposure, therefore any people walking by would not appear or would appear less vividly than the subject of the photo. The photo was also taken during what is known as the “Blue Hour” when there is still enough light in the sky to show outlines of buildings etc. as well as giving some interest / colour in the background sky.

The shot was using a mini-tripod, ideal for use when travelling, setup the wide angle lens (Tamron 10-24), turned off mirror lockup, and used a cable release to ensure minimal vibration. After a few test shots with varying exposure lengths this is what I got.

Place d'Armes Maisonneuve Monument, Old Montreal, Montreal, Canada - Place D'Armes photo, MontrealPlace d’Armes Montreal

One more photo to come from Montreal in the next update…

Photo Location : Place d’Armes Montreal, Canada

Place d'Armes, Ole Montreal, Montreal, Canada

Place d’Armes, Ole Montreal, Montreal, Canada