Montreal, Evening Street Scene

Montreal, Evening Street Scene

I thought I had finished posting photos of Canada when I found this one. I thought that the photo had potential so after a bit of editing I ended up with a version I was happy with. The shot itself was one which I took while walking past this area. Set the camera up on a high ISO (400 or 800 as far as I recall) so that I could get a bit of movement at 1/30s … while all the time trying to minimise hand-shake.

Montreal Street Scene, Evening photo of street in Montreal

The result is one which I am happy with, nice colour, light and the clouds are also interesting.
The one thing I notice about the shots of Montreal streets was a very shiny paving which created nice reflection of light. See also the Place D’Armes photos from earlier posts to see this also.

This is my last post for 2012 – Happy New Year to everyone who visited the site in the past year.

Photo Location : Montreal Canada