View of Vieux-Québec (Old Quebec)

Old Quebec is a very picturesque area with much to see and on a good day, has plenty to keep a photographer busy. I liked the sky in this, early in the day, before 10am so the sun wasn’t too high. The original is a lot wider than this but I heavily cropped the image to remove a bus queue on the left and a barrier on the right, focusing on the subject and using the nice bush on the left to add some interest.

View of Vieux-Québec (Old Quebec) Photo

The boardwalk from the previous weeks post can be seen (look for the bandstand in front of the Chateau).

I think this will be the last of the Canadian shots for now as I have some more recent shots closer to home which I took of the recent frosty weather which I might post next … I’ll wait and see.