Winter Scenes and Frosty Mornings

Winter Scenes and Frosty Morning Photography

Frosty mornings bring with it some lovely scenes which are great to photograph. Normally you will get crisp mornings, sometimes fog and you might also get an impressive sunrise, made even more impressive if there are some nice clouds in the sky at the time.

If you are taking photos of frosty or cold mornings, try to take the photos before the sun gets too high in the sky, this is called the Golden Hour, as opposed to the Blue Hour later in the day after sunset.

I have included some photos below of a recent frosty morning which had fog and a nice sunrise.

Fog on the Paddocks before Sunrise

Winter Foggy Sunrise

Frosty Spiders Web 4

Frosty Spiders Web

Frosty Spiders Web

Frosty Spiders Web 3

If you are taking photos on frosty mornings, wrap up very well, no point inducing camera shake due to being freezing cold !!

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Happy Christmas !