About Shane McDonald Photography

About Shane McDonald Photography

My name is Shane McDonald and ShaneMcDonald.me is my Photography website. This photography website also includes a PhotoBlog and is one of 3 personal websites which I run (namely www.shanemcdonald.ie, www.shanemcdonald.ie/queen and this photography site www.shanemcdonald.me). I am a photographer from Waterford, Ireland with a focus on landscape, architecture, nature and event photography.

About this Photography Website

I set up Shane McDonald Photography blog many years ago and below I have outlined my background in photography. I always had an interest in photography, had a very basic Olympus back in 2001 and used this when travelling around the world in 2003. I upgraded to a Fuji S7000 in 2005 and started using advanced settings in fully manual, doing long exposure shots and playing around with high-speed photography. I was really enjoying taking photos and decided to take up photography as a serious hobby in 2007 after I won the Imagine Arts Festival Photography competition with the photo of Waterford below which was taken from the Ardree Hotel in 2005.

Shane McDonald Photography - Waterford City by Night taken from Ardree Hotel Waterford in 2005 winner of Imagine Arts Festival Photo Competition

Since then I upgraded my photographic equipment and transitioned from hobby to a more professional photography style. My favourite photography subjects are landscapes, nature, wildlife, night shoots / long exposures and shots which particularly nice lighting. I also enjoy doing food photography. I set up the Shane McDonald Photography website in 2010 and since then I have been optimising and adding more photos to the site as much as possible.

I was a member of the Carrick Camera Club from 2009-2014, during which time my photography progressed through many in-club and inter-club photo challenges (a great way to expand your knowledge from beginner to advanced). My photos have been published in Newspapers, Magazines, Brochures and shown on TV and Online, including;

  • Irish Independent
  • Irish Times
  • RTE.ie
  • Hotel Brochures
  • Irelands Blue Book
  • GoIreland Email Newsletter
  • Ardmore Pattern Festival Calendar 2013 & 2014
  • Morris Oil Calendar 2013 & 2014
  • 3e Weather
  • Neven Magure – Home Chef (7-second intro sting)
  • Various Local Newspapers in Ireland & UK
  • Various commercial billboards (product, architecture and food photography)
    and many more…

I always appreciate visitor comments and feedback, so please feel free to leave a comment on any post or contact me directly. The work is all non-commercial and I enjoy taking and sharing photos. I never set out to create a huge site or have one of the best photoblogs ever, for me, it was all about sharing my photography content.

Links to my Shane McDonald Photography Blog Facebook Page, 500px account, Flickr, Shane McDonald Photography Instagram and Shane McDonald Photography Twitter (@shanesphoto or my personal account @mrshanemcdonald) accounts are below if you want to follow me on those platforms. My personal website is at www.shanemcdonald.ie.

If you like my photography please pay a visit to my Photography Gallery where you can purchase a photo from my portfolio.